12v Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Here this circuit diagram is for +12V regulated (fixed voltage) DC power supply. This power supply circuit diagram is ideal for an average current requirement of  1Amp. This  circuit is based on IC LM7812. It is a 3-terminal (+ve) voltage regulator IC. It has short circuit  protection , thermal overload protection.  LM7812 IC is from LM78XX series. The LM78XX series IC is  positive voltage regulator IC for different voltage requirements, for example LM7805 IC is made for 5 volt fixed output voltage . There is LM79XX IC series for negative voltage .

Circuit diagram of 12v regulated power supply

12 volt power supply circuit
Fig: 12V power supply circuit diagram

A transformer(Tx=Primary 230 Volt, Secondary 12 Volt , 1Amp step down transformer) is used to covert 230V to 12V from mains. Here used a bridge rectifier made by four  1N4007 or 1N4003 diode to convert AC to DC . The filtering capacitor 1000uF,25V is used to reduce the ripple and  get a smooth DC voltage. This circuit is very easy to build. For good performance input  voltage should be greater than 12Volt in pin-1 of IC LM7812. Use a heat sink to IC LM7812 for safeguarding it  from overheating.