Re-using fused tube-light by 4 diode

A tube-light get fused due to use from a long time. You may notice that a used fluorescent tube-light get black colored on the both end of it. This circuit is to light-up those fused tube-light.
Have you think about re using a fused tube light? (Which is usually thrown out). Well here I’m showing a simple circuit using 4 diode for re-using a fused tube light.

use fused tube-light

The circuit diagram shown above is quite simplified from basic tube light wiring diagram by adding a bridge rectifier. Bridge rectifier provides high voltage DC to the both end of tube. All we have focused in this project is to lighting-up the weak tube using high voltage DC.

Note: A fully damaged or broken tube-light could not be light-up anyway. Use those tube-light for this project that is still trying to light-up but not fully lightened on the basic connection of tube-light.


  1. can I use above bridge connection for new tubelight ?
    Will it work?
    Plz reply sir...!