3000 watt power inverter 12V DC to 230V AC

Circuit Diagram | 3000 watt power inverter 12V DC  to  230V AC

inverter circuit schematic
Circuit Diagram of 3000 watt power inverter 12V DC to 230V AC

Fig. 2: Sine-wave voltage and conventional square wave voltage with both 230 Volt rms

Fig. 3: Square wave voltage with duty cycle 25% for 230 Volt rms ("modified sine")

PCB Layout:3000 watt power inverter

Component Placement: 3000 watt power inverter

3000w inverter pcb 2

fig.: output voltage with no load or inductive load.

fig.: resistor 0,001 Ohm made of high-grade steel sheet metal

Control electronics |12V DC  to  230V AC

fig.: control electronics on strip hole plate (previous version) and PCB of the "professional edition"

Assembly of the mosfet-transistors on the heat sink | 3000 watt power inverter

fig.: heat sink, mosfet transistors, connections.

Final assembly | 3000 watt power inverter 12V DC  to  230V AC

fig.: 1500 VA inverter with 2 parallel transformers and 1000 VA inverter


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    Thank s friend a lot.Please tell that how much no of turns in both primer y and secondary side of the transformer and how will be the tapping in turns.

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  4. very good... i am working on this now. But i did not understant heat sink circuit diagram. Could you please express me the detail? I will be greatfull if you inform me about that. Thanks for now...

    1. "Heat Sink" it is used to keep cool Integrated Circuit in a manner. It is basically a Aluminium alloy. and there don't need any circuit in that perspective. Just attest at lest a minimum size aluminum allow. For that you have to know that how to determine perfect size Heat Sink.