LED Sound level display circuit by using IC LM3915

This circuit is about audio sound level LED display, indicator, monitor or you can say it “Audio VU (Volume Unite) Meter”.
This is a simple audio sound level LED display circuit diagram. The circuit is completely  based on  a single ic LM3915 from National Semiconductor. The LM3915 is a monolithic integrated circuit. It displays the audio sound level in terms of 10 LEDs and providing a logarithmic 3 dB/step analog display.

Audio sound level display circuit diagram

Fig: Circuit diagram of sound level display using ic LM3915
The audio sound level LED display circuit can operate from a single supply 3V to 25V. But I  suggest to use 9-12V. LED brightness can be controlled with a single pot( variable resistor) as shown 10K ohm in the circuit. Connect the audio input signal in Pin-5 of LM3915 from output of a audio device like output of audio amplifier or any other source.
The Pin-9 of LM3915 is to select dot or bar mode display. To make the circuit moving dot display instead of a bar graph display disconnect the Pin-9 from +V.

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