5V Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

This is a small +5V regulated  power supply circuit. In that case here we used 7805 Voltage Regulator IC. 7805 is a +5 Volt regulator IC from 78xx chips family. The circuit has internal current limiting and thermal protection capacity. A 9V 2A steps down transformer is used to covert 230V to 9V from mains. Here used a bridge rectifier made by four  1N 4007 diode to convert AC-DC . 470uF 50v as C1 is used for filtering. This circuit is very easy to build. For good performance recommended input voltage 8V-18V. If  over 400mA current is needed at output then use a heat sink with the 7805 IC

Circuit diagram of 5V Regulated Power Supply

5V power voltage regulator
Fig-1: 5V regulated power supply schematic

 Pin Diagram of IC 7805

 7805 Pin Diagram
 Fig2:Pin Diagram
of  IC 7805

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  1. Can you tell me what is the use of 0.01uF capacitors just before and after 7805 regulator.

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