Song-Music generator circuit using ic UM66

This is a simple (song) music generator circuit using ic UM66. To make a musical calling-bell, door-bell, kids toys etc. we can use this funny audio/sound/music/tone generator ic UM66. The UM66 series are CMOS IC’s, they has a built in ROM to store the music. The IC operates in DC +3V. We suggest to use two dry cell (1.5V X 2) for +3V Supply.  For Q1 use a TO-92 type NPN transistor like BC548, BC168, BC183, BC238, 2N2222. Speaker must be 4Ω or higher.

Circuit Diagram of Music generator using ic UM66: 

um66 music generator circuit
Fig: Circuit Diagram of Song-Music generator using IC-UM66

UM66TXX series IC generate different songs-music, the song-music depends on the model of UM66TXX series IC’s. The song-music are listed below with model number.

UM66TXX Songs List:
UM66T01 = Jingle Bells + Santa Claus is coming to town + Wish you a Merry X'mas
UM66T02 = Jingle Bells
UM66T04 = Jingle Bells + Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer + Joy the world
UM66T05 = Home sweet home
UM66T06 = Let me call you sweetheart
UM66T08 = Happy birthday to you
UM66T09 = Wedding march
UM66T11 = Love me tender, Love me true
UM66T13 = Easter parade
UM66T19 = For Elise
UM66T32 = Waltz
UM66T33 = Mary had a little lamb
UM66T34 = The train is running fast
UM66T68 = It's small world

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