5 LED VU meter circuit diagram using KA2284

This is a simple circuit diagram of 5-LED audio VU meter using IC KA2284/KA2285. The KA2284, KA2285 are monolithic integrated circuit. It is a logarithmic display driver IC. And it is Bar type display driver using 5-Dot LED. The KA2284/KA2285 has a wide range supply voltage capacity of 3.5V-16V, but we recommend to use about a 12VDC power supply.

Circuit Diagram:

KA2284-led vu meter
Fig: 5-LED Dot/Bar (VU meter) circuit diagram

Usability of this circuit:

  • AC signal Meter or DC Level meter.
  • Audio VU(Volume Unit) meter in amplifier or such kind of device.
Here IC AN6884 is also can be used instead of KA2284,KA2285. These all are almost same.
Further reading: DOT vs BAR

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